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Hygiene Protocol

The Active Esports Arena experience is perfect for setting up larger competitions, with upto 8 players during one hour sessions, despite the challenges of the new COVID regulations. Multiple sessions can create exciting competitions between players, whilst challenging your endurance and cunning, culminating in a thrilling finale. Live streaming and open-air sessions can provide space for even larger groups whilst still remaining responsible and adhering to COVID regulations.

Before you arrive

- Reservations through the website are mandatory.

- Once you make a reservation we will contact you by phone to confirm the details of the reservation.

Match day

- On the day of the reservation, we will contact you by phone to ensure that all participants are in good health and are not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

- All participants will be offered rubber gloves and a mask before entering the Active Esports Arena.

- Once on site all participants are encouraged to remain 1.5 meters apart.

Starting the game

- The first 4 players take place on the playing field to start the game.

- Each player will receive their own set of full body tracking gear.

- The operator (recognizable by wearing a face shield will offer disinfected VR headsets to the players with a single-use face mask. The operator assists with putting on the harness.

- The MC will announce the start of the game.

- In the meantime, the operator can help to reset the VR headsets. This will be set up for inspection by the operator, who avoids direct contact with a disinfected visor.

End of the game

- At the end of each game, the gear, gloves and masks are collected so that they can be disinfected. The new team can then be outfitted with a pre-disinfected set of gear in preparation of the next round.

- The walkways are observed at the points. The non-active players watch and encourage from the stage. In addition to encouragement, one can also play on one of the surrounding game consoles, which is disinfected after the session and can also be cleaned by the players in the meantime.

After your stay at the Active Esports Arena, the rubber gloves and mouth masks will be disposed of and the Arena fully and thoroughly disinfected, including with UVC methods, so that our next customers can also safely enjoy the Active Esports Arena. We will be staggering each customer session so that these appropriate steps can be taken.

In addition to the gear and facility being regularly cleaned we also offer things such as hand gel and soap.

If sanitary conditions and COVID regulations are not respected by players they may be asked to leave the premises in order to protect fellow players and staff.